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MoneyWala - A Business Started To Streamline Investments

MoneyWala is a UAE based financial consultancy business under the flagship of LVM Technologies. We combine straightforward vision and our ultimate goal to make your financial processes simple and rewarding. With our consultation, we make sure investments, whether in the share market or real estate, become effortless. Our support to our customers and small businesses can be viewed through excellent expertise in financial transaction processing and commercial banking apart from asset management.

Our Competitive Edge in a Cut-Throat Market!!!

At MoneyWala, we offer impeccable solutions to our clients and that's the reason we have grown a network of over 15000 customers as well as clients extended in 32 countries all over the world. Our clients and customers will get access to this enormous network while becoming a part of our growing clientele including some of the most reputed names in the market. We share our services directly as well as indirectly with some leading brands and corporations in the market. It won't be incorrect if we call ourselves the 'Knight in Shining Armour' of financial services.

The thing that makes us even more special is our ease of approach. You can connect with us and let our financial advisors make your investment plan clear as a crystal for you. MoneyWala offers consultation services at no charge. Why don't we charge a fee? Well, that's because we have a great team who makes funding quite easy for us. From getting clients to offering such smart, practical and rewarding consultation services allows us to not ask for any fee from our clients. Hence, our consultation services are absolutely free.

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The Business Principles

Our principle relies on the ideology to work for a greater resolution in order to become a proud organization in the eyes of all our stakeholders. Some of the key pillars of our business principles include honesty, trust, transparency and integrity. With accurate assessments, we share the absolute prospects for investments in the market.

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Our Dedication towards our Customers

  • We listen, anticipate & make this simple to exceed your expectations.
  • We keep your interests at priority and accordingly enhance the quality of our services.
  • We offer a reliable and fair deal to help you reach competitive and affordable services and products in the market.

International Standards Integrated Within Our World Class Franchise

We pride our activities and welcome you to join us at MoneyWala. Get in touch and know what's the best!


Board of Directors

Kulwant Singh Batth

Chairman of the Executive Board

Mandeep Singh Batth

Member of the Executive Board

Serge Efremov

Member of the Executive Board

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Board of Director

Mandeep Singh Batth


Abubakr Ahmad

UAE Representative

Serge Efremov

Global Chief Technology Officer

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Abubakr Ahmed

UAE Representative

Sandeep Sharma

India Representative

Jerry Zhang

China Representative

Suzan Ak

Turkey Representative

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