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MoneyWala has explored that resource-based investments in the global market have certainly uprooted during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our experts help our clients and customers to make wise and profitable investments in various products and resources in a specific market. Although, the pandemic has affected the demand and supply market in various industries following measures applied for containment. The disruption of the flow of goods and services has also affected the resources and investments in the prevailing market. Although, the rate of recovery has not disappointed us either.

There are many more options in the global investment market and with MoneyWala, you will have the option to unlock the perfect investment opportunities in resources. Just contact us.

Investment opportunities galore!

Considering the case of resources in the real estate market, the financial year 2020 experienced 32 transactions with an overall volume of €7.7 billion. In the initial half of the year 2020, a total of more than €100 million were recorded from 74 transactions and went to a total of €26.8 billion in Germany's real estate market.

The pharmaceutical companies in Germany are another platform for investment that has shown a strong comeback after the pandemic. The German government has made an investment of €300 Million making the industry more potent.

Germany's infrastructure market has also turned out to be one of the most incredible investment opportunities, especially if you are looking for some long term investments.

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