Like a seed gives birth to a lofty tree, an idea is a seed for a thriving tree of a venture.

Investing in Startups

The startup is one of the most talked-about things in the modern world. Every country is enjoying a boom of startups with the USA, India and UK on top of the list of startups in the country. As of July 2020, the USA got 551, 657,00 applications regarding the opening of startups. It's a 95% surge from the previous year and the pandemic must have played a role in accelerating this surge. On the other hand, France recorded a registration of 84000 new ventures in Oct 2020 that is a 20% hike from 2019.

At MoneyWala, we found these numbers quite engaging, although, it's also prevalent that many startups have great ideas but lack vision. Moreover, what they lack the most are resources and experience. Startups usually do not understand the extensive demands of the banks and the costs attached to them. We discover companies that require investment and support through experience. Our exclusive network including brands and clients allows us to find these hidden gems and further help them with what they need.

Our team carefully assesses the startup and their ideas. If you have something unique and promising, get in touch with your business plan and let our expert guide the path for you. You will get a response within a day from our direct consultants.

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