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We have a unique and proven approach to understand the real estate market from different perspectives. Moreover, our financial advisers are thorough with the macro and micro trends and hence attain the exclusive use of conventional and non-conventional data to add diligence while taking real-estate investment decisions.

Real Estate Market Amid Pandemic

Recently, the world has undergone severe stress due to the coronavirus pandemic. The extensive spread of the deadly disease has also triggered a major economic crisis, although, the surge in the value of the real estate financing does not affect it. The prices of houses in Europe has seen a 5.5% surge from the previous year. The commercial approach towards investment is highly potent in the market with rapid growth in the prices in Europe. As for Berlin, which is Germany's capital, the investments have boomed in real estate after the pandemic.

We have found that major capitals have been invested in the city in the past few years and the list of global investors also includes Warren Buffet. MoneyWala has also found out that rental options and their growth are also on surge in the real estate financing like in other countries. Two famed companies including Deutsche Wohnen and Vonovia are engaged in the rental market of Germany. Another UK based company known as William Pears Group has a minimum of 6000 apartments given on rent. MoneyWala found these things quite fascinating and accordingly dug into the extreme potential of the real estate market.

The given chart shows the exclusive surge in the real-estate prices from 2013 to 2020 across different and most prominent cities in Germany.

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Why You Needs MoneyWala?

The demand for different properties like houses, villas and flats are quite distinct throughout different European countries. How would you know where to invest, so that your returns would be remarkable? Do you need to pay attention to the tourist attractions to make the right choice? How would you get a healthy ROI? The questions can continue and you won't get the answer by simply sitting in front of your PC or laptop.

At MoneyWala, we are aware of the real-estate market compositions as well as trends. After the pandemic, the market of independent houses and villas are highly in demand, especially by the tourists. People rather prefer to stay in these individual homes due to the safety standards in the pandemic. We also know that it's quite difficult to choose the right property that offers a designated ROI. You could get stuck within the circle of high prices, interests and extreme refurbishing requirements.

To save your time and money, MoneyWala has got you access to a pool of financial institutions and caretakers, who would make your real-estate investments abroad quite simple and risk-free. Moreover, we also guarantee you to get a minimum ROI that would make your investment stable.

At MoneyWala, we make global real-estate investment simple and rewarding!!!

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